The Possible

Written May 28, 2021

The Possible

The past year-ish has been a time of transformation and transition for many as each individual and family navigated unknowns on a global level. For many of us thresholds were met in our personal capacity to endure and getting real about what we felt was important was the fuel to help us move forward. The last year looked significantly different than we could have imagined and perhaps among the struggle, or just the pause, we can begin to see the opportunity.

For my home, numerous opportunities presented personally, professionally, and for my children. Things slowed down, calendars opened up and with a little more time and space thoughts rose to the surface emotionally and organized a bit differently about what was important to our essence. I believe this occurred for many.

As we lift our eyes to look toward another shift the golden ticket is to fully feel the possible. Perhaps it’s your child graduating from high school or moving into kindergarten, a wedding postponed now with a date, a new job, a vacation ready to board, another birthday or whatever adventures are to come, the last year stirred our ability to adapt and that energy is in the mix currently.

I know for me personally, this quote below was pivotal as a reminder that whatever “external” situations, circumstances, conditions, or others presented or left in my life there was an opportunity for me to know myself and my desires with detail not held previously. I sit in appreciation for that evolved perspective and clarity in my journey. It has made room for love in abundance I wasn’t aware was even possible.

I sipped my Yerba Mate this morning as the sun rose into the clouds reflecting on this for myself and my loved ones, all of us enthusiastic to pull back into our life the parts we’ve been in anticipation around. Perhaps the quote will illuminate in you something as well.

“Let the ‘external’ person go and see if you can open to an ‘internal other’ arising to be known, held, and allowed back inside. Scan your body and the felt sense of the overall situation and atmosphere, and use your breath to stay close to yourself. Provide a home for the lost ones to return.” -Matt Licata, A Healing Space

happy adventuring

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