The Bones


"We're in the homestretch of the high times, We took a hard left, But we're alright"...

Somehow this Mauren Morris song (link below) got added into my regularly selected playlist and it has notably hit the Spotify “shuffle” jackpot numerous times this week. On the drive to my sunrise swim today it brought many waves of joy, especially the first few lines. As I gave gratitude back to the Pacific mid-morning wearing my loud camo tights (I aim to embarrass my teen daughter), the song was stuck in my head.

"We're in the homestretch of the high times, We took a hard left, But we're alright"...

Since my marriage of decades ended, (or is ending, not done, please pray peace consumes the process) I have engaged with songs about romantic love a bit differently.

I am not bitter and I’ve danced with a few great humans in the love realm over the year-ish but timing is a factor not to be denied between two. I’ve enjoyed the butterflies in my tummy and recognize all that is activated has more to do with my journey than those tall drink-of-waters and the great stories they shared with me.

In my healing of reorganizing what I thought I knew around love, I began listening to the lyrics of songs as a story, perhaps an understanding, between my spirit and my soul. My perspectives on humanity are evolving and maturing and one repetitive theme I continue to give attention toward is my relationship with myself, deeply. Rather simple yet under complex layers.

When a song artist story-tells in these romantically based songs, I place who I am and who I am living in the casting roles. A few things have been noticed as I play this game.

  1. There are a significant number of songs that perpetuate a notion that two humans are necessary to create a completeness not held separately. Applying this emotional dependency gives me pause, but perhaps there is something yet for me to experience to understand it. Until then, I’m adamant my kids know an "other" does NOT complete who they are in this world.
  2. A line or a chord in a song can evoke such an overwhelm of emotion it stops the world in an instant. At times, what surfaces when I choose to fully listen and feel, is enchantment on steroids.
  3. Brittany, Beastie Boys, Bob Moses and Billie Holiday all have their place and time in my playlist.

The love affair between my spirit and my soul is writing its own book. They don’t always see or hear each other but any relationship to claim this truly is hiding behind illusions. No, my spirit and my soul allow fierce energy and calm silence when appropriate and when not. They practice remaining and feeling the discomfort as they reflect to each other a wholeness, nothing broken, nothing to fix.

In my health coaching program, I encourage my clients to nurture the relationship between their soul and their spirit with as much compassion as they can manage. When allowed, it contains all the nuances to feel for a remarkably fulfilling life of joy, authenticity, passion and humility.

This song highlights my believe in an internal foundation that doesn't falter.

happy friday and weekend arriving, almost time to light the Summer 2021 Sunset Bonfire...

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