Sunrise...How Do You Begin Your Day?

Written April 30, 2021

Sunrise... how do you begin your day?

Do you wake ready to be illuminated with what the day has to offer to you?


a workout to get the blood pumping


a cup of coffee in bed reading on your phone


a favorite song connecting you to past events


a meditation to find your center


a roll over to embrace a lover,  grabbing a few extra minutes under the covers together


listening to birds chirping reminding you of the time of day


writing to put your thoughts down outside your mind

For me, Fridays often have this view as light begins to displace the dark.

I’ve been very deliberate in allowing space and taking the time to inspire my consistency.

Last night as I packed my beach towel into my Patagonia black hole tote, adding my book and a pen to scribble notes as I read, I wasn’t certain what the sunrise would present.

It was a gift. Sitting here sipping my Yerba mate before my swim, reading my current favorite read when I heard the laughter. Just a short way down the beach a couple was jumping in the waves at sunrise together. They yelped in joy and hesitation at the brisk temperature of the water. They laughed and embraced, celebrating their efforts. As they walked out of the water they held hands with such big smiles on their faces, ready to embrace their day fully. Being in observance of their moment brought unexpected joy. As I swam in the cool water, blood definitely pumping, that joy kept me warm.

Wishing you all unexpected gifts on this beautiful day.

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