It is that middle place between pain and pleasure. It lacks belief and an internal trust in self to endure said circumstance, situation or condition. It desperately seeks control of anything, for evidence the tides will shift. Thoughts, actions, and behaviors offer protection from the discomfort to stay. Magic happens in the raw ability to remain.

Why do we depart so quick from the possibility to further explore connection? What are we afraid to realize if we stay? Perhaps it is internal, those who hold up our mirror when we don’t want to see, we turn our back on them, or is it ourselves or it is them. Rinse and repeat becomes the workout. Evidence is not subjective yet we rank it as absolute.

Under the illusion of understanding we organize a truth. The framework around this evolves to fit the season or perhaps the weather of the day, temporary and transient.

Anchoring to the struggle conditions a knowing, that implies a safety we seek. Perhaps pernicious, this path without risk.

An invitation unfolds to enter into the connection, not to arrive but to play.

So play.

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