Written May 14, 2021


Even among chaos and disorder, in time, or however you define the linking of moments, patterns emerge. The peaks and valleys might not be exact replicas but familiar enough to mobilize strategies to protect or perhaps open vulnerable aspects of who we are, ready to evolve.

To feel alive.... again, is a responsibility we quickly abandon. As wisdom layers, truth in our experience doesn’t always organize  as neatly as anticipated. As easy as it is to assume this pertains merely to the dark shadow aspects of who we are, if detail is allowed experiences such as contentment, pleasure, creativity, empathy, compassion, intimacy and sexuality have also lost access to expression.

To embark with curiosity unfolds experiences and provides wonder. The unknowing becomes the professor you look toward to reveal the knowledge, even if the text is written in invisible ink. A trust establishes internally, illuminating the treasure map written inside you.

There are times you show up and the waves crash with thunder, an aggression seemingly intended to harm. In this moment, the waves soothe, repeat, rinse and come again. I arrive without expectation. I meet myself at the water’s edge and allow, whatever adventure presents, there is a rhythm.

happy friday.

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