Point 2 Point (Diabetes Athlete)

Written May 10, 2021

Point 2 Point

DIABETES ATHLETE: 18 mile trail run with undulating terrain +/- 5k ft elevation. Gorgeous day!

Thank you Adrienne for miles of smiles today!!!

Glucose Summary...

1st hr    


3 mg/dL

2nd hr  


40 mg/dL

3rd hr  


12 mg/dL

4th hr  


10 mg/dL**

5th hr  


40 mg/dL

Net delta for glucose over 5+ hr trail run ~19 mg/dL.

The key for me when adjusting dosing with insulin and fuel is balance & timing. Depleting my tissue of insulin (different than IOB) PRIOR to sensitivity from exercise is critical. I actually love it when I see a minimal bump up in glucose in that first hour.

** in the 4th hour I returned to full basal delivery. I knew I’d been reducing tissue of insulin for several hours and would be fueling with recovery nutrition at the car. This was to mitigate increase in glucose levels post exercise as well as open up cells to take up energy.

As a health and wellness coach living 31 years with diabetes as an athlete, I am here to support those struggling to find an exercise plan they feel good about. DM me if interested.

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