Written June 7, 2021



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Terra’s Traffic-light Tip: today instead of picking up your phone at those moments you have habituated, (traffic lights, waiting in line at the grocer, waiting in line for any reason), instead take a minute to dream. If it is an easy exercise, awesome... go there and grab detail around it (think 5 senses). If you find it difficult to do, be patient with yourself and keep giving it attention. Dreaming or spending time thinking about what you want is an easy practice to get out of. Can you offer pure thought toward what you desire for 17 seconds? Rinse & repeat as necessary.

Here is the view from a manifestation minute for me on my early Monday morning miles along Lake Michigan in Chicago.

In working 1:1 with my health coaching clients, I offer this exercise to help support their goals. It is quick and holds few barriers to implement for most.

Stats show 15,492% increase in Google searches for 'manifestation methods' in the past year. So, it’s a thing.

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