Written June 11, 2021


Diabetes is a condition that invites self compassion, clarity in what you want in life, endurance to keep on going when at times you feel worn, organization around detail that isn’t sexy, and relentless appreciation for the moments that align as expected.

I’m always up to answer any questions I am approached with regarding diabetes and my experience living with it, this is especially true with the adventures I embark on. This is not a sensitive place for me in anyway, to discuss diabetes.

I also elect to inform people of my diabetes when I need assistance of any kind. Knock on wood, never a d-emergency in 31 years.

Even in full acceptance of my condition, it does require cognitive energy on a daily basis in addition to physical and emotional impacts.

I’ve explained this before in my writing but when I surround myself by others living with type 1 diabetes I notice the cognitive energy lessen, minimally I know I won’t have to explain what I am experiencing. This shared vulnerability is a gift, each and every time.

Here is where the circle gets rather tight... when I can share that space with another adventure-minded T1D, kinda magical. Yet when there are two and they are a couple - I’m not even sure there are words. My favorite part, I completely forget diabetes is how we first met when I’m with these two... we talk, well, between diabetes. Gift. Gift. Gift.

The years got busy, too many to count, but the COVID year truly brought to the surface for me a handful of people I look forward to pulling back into experience together. These two, yep,


! Hugs were held.


Every condition has an opportunity, it’s right in front of you... you see what you want to see.

Sangria, cocktails, wine and port were poured, dark chocolate made an appearance at one point after an exceptional din-din. The sun wrestling to wake just hours after we said goodnight. Next up, Eastern Sierras adventure later this summer.

The gifts that keep on giving... find those!

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