Diabetes Athlete

Written June 27, 2021

Six sweaty, salty, sandy, smiley, miles by the sea.

Began insulin depletion 1 hr 30 min prior to exercise. Due to glucose trends, continued depletion through exercise duration. I forgot to turn off depletion at end of exercise and therefore it continued until 30 minutes after exercise.

Glucose trend remained stable, flat arrow, entire duration of exercise. Exercise was moderate intensity.

Glucose trend  turned up 30 minutes post exercise. I delivered a bolus to begin saturation of sub-Q tissue for recovery fueling and upward glucose trend.

1 hour pre-exercise and 1 hour post-exercise differed 8 mg/dL with about 25 mg/dL variance through 3 hour period, including exercise.

Take away: Next time, I’ll terminate insulin depletion 30 min before end of exercise to mitigate upward glucose trend post exercise.

happy Sunday…

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